Who are LinkedIn leaders in Europe? (Infographic)

Do you know which country in Europe is the leader when it comes to LinkedIn adoption?
Today we share with you our infographic that shows just that, along with the percentage of LinkedIn penetration in several countries.

The numbers that you can see are the result of the LinkedIn members estimates by country that can be found in LinkedIn’s “Advertise with us” section and the latest estimates of the population of several European countries.

The popularity of the professional networking site is on the rise too, LinkedIn has recently passed the 200 million members mark and continues to grow at a rate of 2 new members per second.

There are plenty of reasons why professionals all over the world choose to join in and spend time on LinkedIn, here are just a few:
- Business networking
- Lead generation
- Job seeking
- Headhunting/Recruiting
- B2B marekting
- Personal branding
Take a look and feel free to share our latest piece of information.

LiN Who are LinkedIn leaders in Europe? (Infographic)

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 Who are LinkedIn leaders in Europe? (Infographic)

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