Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing services

Facebook marketing

1 615x3461 Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- Facebook campaign creation
- Facebook community management
- Facebook application development
- Facebook advertising 

Fact: 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there.

Best weapons: boost awareness, build a community, communicate with customers.

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Twitter marketing

twitter marketing Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- Twitter Follower Building
- Content production
- Twitter Contests
- Content strategy
- Advertising

Fact: 50% of people who follow a brand are more likely to buy that brands product

Best weapons: Thought leadership, customer service, lead generation

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LinkedIn marketing

linkedin marketing Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Profile
- Build a database of targeted Connections on LinkedIn
- Group management and building membership

Fact: LinkedIn is 3 times more effective lead generation tool than Facebook and Twitter

Best weapons: Networking, lead generation, business opportunities

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WordPress website building and optimization

wordpress design optimization Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- Website design
- Website optimization
- On-page SEO
- Social media integration
- Blogging

Fact: 15% of world websites are on WordPress

Best weapons: SEO value, powerful CMS

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Pinterest marketing

pinterest Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- Create credible profile and collection of pinboards that compliment your business
- Pinterest Marketing Strategy
- Pinterest Followers Building

- Pinterest Contests

Fact: Third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter. Over of 80% of Pinterest pins are “repins”

Best weapons: Refferal traffic, inspiration, connections

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YouTube marketing

youtube Social Media Marketing

Core services:
- YouTube Branded channel management
- YouTube Advertising

Fact: Video has greater potential for engagement and conversation than static content

Best weapons: Awareness, product support, traffic building, direct sales

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