We are here

from the beginnings of Cyberage.

We have been here to see many cyber sunrises and sunsets.
We have welcomed many new and said farewell to some old costumes, and learned to live in a constantly changing environment.

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Origin History

The foundation stones of our cyber town were put in the far 1992.
We were then known as Ein Sof Multimedia.

In 1998 we won our first famous award -Best Digital Media Award at IV International Scientific Conference for CD-Rom Macedonian Antiquities, Gifu Japan; and our first recognition -Selected top 3, from 130 presented projects for CD-Rom “Macedonian Antiquities”, 1998 Barcelona.

Other awards:
In 1999 – Award for best presentation on EMA for CD-Rom “Export Potential of Macedonian Companies”, Geneva
In 2002 – First Award – Ford Motor Company for CD-Rom “Virtual Guide Through Ancient Macedonian Cities”, Skopje
In 2003 – Gold Star for company quality work, Paris
In 2005 – Best of Trado Award for CD-Rom “Cradle of Beauty”, Ohrid
In 2010 – Best business web site award, Macedonia- www.gorska.com.mk

In 2004 we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ein-Sof Global with the new name which we use today – Cyberlink Media.
In the meantime we managed to successfully finish more than 100 CD rom projects and more than 200 web site projects and over 300 other multimedia presentations, promotions, digital spaces…


Our services are mainly focused on Internet Marketing and Advertising. Our core areas include:

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Social Media Marketing Search Engine Marketing Multimedia


You can see our case studies and read some of our clients testimonials to gain a clearer view of our capabilities.