Pinterest Marketing


Succeeding on Pinterest is about finding how your products or services fit into the lifestyles of your target audience.

Pinterest Marketing possibilities

Pinterest can  build an attractive presence for your company and promoting your portfolio of products and services in a creative manner. By January 2012, Pinterest reached 10 million users, the fastest website in history to do so, as well as receiving 11 million unique users a week to the site as well. The website is particularly popular amongst women, with 80% of users.

Key Benefits:

- Stream your products or services descriptions and images to Pinterest
- Integrate and take advantage of the visually-based trend in social sharing
- Grow your marketing opportunities
- Increase brand visibility
- Drive traffic to your website

CyberLink Media’s Pinterest Marketing services include:

  • Brand profile creation and customized boards
  • Regular pins
  • Follow users in target areas
  • Follow-back pinners who choose to pin images
  • Pin relevant images from your website and blog to drive traffic back to the main site
  • Pin YouTube content to drive back to YouTube channel
  • Pinterest Custom contests
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