Twitter Marketing


The news no longer breaks, it tweets.

Brands engage on Twitter for many reasons:
- lead generation,
- customer service,
- brand building…

Twitter is a powerful micro-blogging platform and home to a very active and engaged community – people looking for networking, real-time conversations and prospects looking for information about specific products and services.

CyberLink Media delivers a sustainable Twitter program with clear goals that serve and support business objectives.

Our Twitter marketing services include:

twitter profile optimization Twitter MarketingProfile design and optimization. A custom twitter background and a creative description can go a long way into stimulating followers and prospects to engage with us on Twitter. We can do the work for you: creating an attractive and appealing profile that tells your brand story and conveys positive message .


twitter strategy creation Twitter MarketingStrategy development: Creating a Twitter Marketing plan with specific goals to ensure that your social media presence meets your business goals. Where does Twitter fit within your overall online marketing strategy? Is Twitter meant to be a customer service tool? Sales opportunities? Promotion of other campaigns or brand activities?


twitter content plan2 Twitter MarketingCreating a content plan. They say content is king and this is the rule that is especially true in the Twitter sphere. The 140 character limit means brands need to be creative. When creating a Twitter content strategy our focus is always on sharing quality information, providing value to followers, and becoming a resource to the community.


twitter community building Twitter MarketingCommunity building: bringing high-quality followers to your Twitter account.  It’s not how many followers you have, but how many relevant followers you have. Building a relevant following base is critical to success and it opens up a new channel of constant communication to a group of people who “opted-in” for your tweets.


tweet us Twitter MarketingTwitter advertising management. Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and Promoted Trends are three different opportunities for advertising on Twitter’s platform. These options allow brands to target the right people so your advertisments are appearing for users who are most likely to be interested in what you share.

brand monitoring Twitter MarketingBrand monitoring and brand sentiment analysis.
 Right now people are talking about your brand online and they might share opinions about your products and services. We filter out the noise to bring the most meaningful discussions about your brand.  Being aware of your brand’s sentiment on the web is essential.

advetising1 Twitter MarketingTwitter analytics and reporting. 
You must test and analyze your efforts to understand whether the investment in time and resources on Twitter benefits your business. We utilize the best tools to analyze data, track key performance indicators and make timely reports with insights about the performances.


Twitter is a huge communication media. It becomes a news channel and an enormous pool of real-time conversations on different topics.

People and among them potential prospects and customers are sharing opinions on this public platform every minute. It is powerful networking tool and a great place for brands to monitor brand reputation and to find out what are people saying and what do they search for.

From daily interactions to full strategic management of your Twitter profile, we can help you build an audience of followers and make a strong impact on your target audience.

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