How to get the most out of Twitter

So far, we have presented some numbers in the previous posts and campaigns’ emphasizing the impact Twitter has on the new marketing landscape. We hope that we contributed just a little bit in your growing love for this micro-blogging network, and the potential it has for your business.

Although we are sure you have a Twitter account by now, do you visit it every day? Can you honestly say you are using its full potential? And in the end, how to utilize Twitter to enforce your marketing efforts?

We bet we can give you at least five substantial ideas to capture attention and give you the motivation you need to get involved with twitter on daily basis

1. Twitter brings traffic to your website. As soon as you accommodate  tweet about interesting resources you’ve posted on your blog or website. Have you recently published an e-book or recorded a webinar that people can download for free? Tweet about it, linking back to the landing page to download it from your website. If the content on a site is truly remarkable, people will start tweeting about it on their own and sharing your resources to their followers on Twitter.

2. Help with events and campaigns. Twitter will spread the word for you. If you have something say, Twitter will say it for you. Tweetups are a great way to get to know your Twitter community offline. You can use them to promote your future events and campaigns. Best practice is to send people directly to an event sign-up page.

3. Promote. Twitter users love new toys, especially if they create some sort of outcome, grade, or analysis of the person using the tool. Make the results of your tool/grader as easy to tweet as possible!

4. Monitor. Using the aforementioned Twitter Search tool (http://search.twitter.com), you can search and track what people are tweeting about your company, products, competitors, or any other news or trends in your industry. Set up an RSS feed to receive all search results in Google Reader. If you find someone tweeting about your products or a person who is looking for a solution that your product provides, let them know!

5. Free testimonials page. When you hover your mouse over an individual tweet in your Twitter stream, a few options appear, including the option to “Favorite” the tweet. When you click the little star that appears, it turns yellow, and that tweet gets added to your ―Favorites‖ tab. As you track what people are saying about your company in Twitter Search, add the positive tweet to your Favorites. Public, third-party testimonials are taken as a very reliable these days.

The guide

If so far, we have made you at least a little bit interested in taking an adventurous journey with this micro blogging network feel free to download our free e-book “The definitive guide to Twitter marketing”. We have covered how Twitter can help you in your marketing strategy, customer service, and lead generation. Download our e-book today, and add another channel to your marketing strategy! Very powerful channel, that is.

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