Zito Vardar AD Veles is a company that operates in the food industry and trade. It operates a fodder factory, pig farm and slaughterhouse, bakery, mill, restaurant and pizza bar as well as a chain of retail-department stores. It also owns transport center and service station. The company deals through ten subsidiaries: Zito Males AD Berovo, Mak Meso AD Stip, Vineam AD Vinica, Zito Vardar Trade Veles, Zivinokomerc AD Stip, Zi-Va AD Stip, Zrnotrejd DOOEL, Zi-Va Egg, Zi-Va Slaughterhouse and Cezar komerc.

Production Zito Vardar Group is branded under the sign Zi-Va , Zi-Va MEAT, Zi-Va eggs and Zi-Va flour, bread, pastry and confectionery.

Dynamic, sophisticated web solution that brings weight and quality in the spotlight. Melding text , high quality products photography, corporate information, and modern layout design to help Zito Vardar AD stand out from the crowd.

We believe in sophisticated websites that inspire success in the food industry. And, with our impressive porfolio in this industry i.e. the custom websites that we have developed, we created a website that will present Ziva Vardar AD in a dignified manner that goes along with her national and international accolades.

Our Key points of work

Enhancing the communication and continuity between Ziva Vardar AD and his consumers, wholesalers & distributors
Showcasing products with a unique and informative user experience
Incorporating Media Center (video + photo galeries)
Giving the website dynamic “touch” by adding News ans Advices for Healthy living sections as well as Newsletter subscription
Conecting the website with various SM platforms

The web solution incorporates the following links:

About Us
Media Center
Your Comments
Advices for healthy life

Languages: English and Macedonian.

01 November, 2012

Zito Vardar AD Veles is a company that operates in the food industry and trade. It operates a fodder factory,…

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