Politrue is an informational and blog/forum site for expressing the political opinion of the German political parties.

To bring the German politicians closer to the voters and give them a better explanation of their political agenda.

Services Offered
The portal solution that we developed is based on the Ein Sof WebArchitect CMS system.
The CMS system is extended by further functional modules, such as Politician activities and various membership models for the elected officials.
The ES WebArchitect is a CMS system with modular architecture and consists of a total of 35 pre-defined modules.
We used the latest technology and standards for web development bringing Politrue.de page into sophisticated and modern category of portals.


· A portal of rich content with practical interactive tools
Building a portal of multiple content databases containing over 110 predefined Political partys, thousands of constituencies, zip codes as well as capacity for thousands of politicians with their own admin pages where they can publish Themes, Polls, and Press releases and edit their own web site with sub domain. Connecting politicians on 3 Political levels: Federal, State and Constituency level.
Intuitive search and retrieval mechanism for the content.

· More publicity and presence!
With Politrue politicians can publish their political opinion on the key political online platform. The political opponents can comment on this posting as well as vice versa. Citizens read politician’s own opinion and his arguments and they can compare it with the political competition on the spot.

· Public relations in one step
Politicians can compose their Theme/post that is searchable by the keywords given in the title.
One can decide where the post is going to be published: on Politrue.de in their constituency, to the press or on the social networks (Facebook, Google + Twitter and Linked In)
Everything in one step!

· Subscriber business model
Politrue.de includes free services (Basic Module) and paid services.In the first month, politicians can test all the modules for free.

Basic Module
Publishing post and comments is the Politrue power and it’s for free.

Contact Module
Citizens can comment on politician posts. These comments are NOT published on Politrue but the politician receives an e-mail. Also there is a Chat feature so the politician can use this for “One on One” conversation with the citizens.

Pool module
Pools editing and publishing. One vote per user/citizen is allowed.

Calendar module
Allows the politicians to show how busy and involved they are by entering their meetings in the Constituency Calendar.

Reminder module
When a Fraction or politicians comment on another politicians post he’ll be notified per e-mail.

Web site module
The Politrue website with a sub domain automatically synchronizes with all Actions made on the Politrue platform. In addition, politicans can upload pictures and videos.

Advantages for the Citizens
1. Comparability of the arguments on a single page
2. No more browsing on every Political party website
3. More transparency
4. Participation (Polls)
5. Comment possibility…


•Application development: C#.NET

•Database development: MSSQL 2008

•Front end development: C#.NET, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript

01 November, 2012

Politrue is an informational and blog/forum site for expressing the political opinion of the German political parties. Goal To bring…

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