ENER- National Electronic Registry of Regulations

To become citizens information tool as well as useful information platform for the representatives from nongovernmental organizations, chambers of commerce, business associations and legal persons, government officials as well as the individual ministries.

Quick ENER Overview
Through the process of assessing the impact of regulation (Regulatory Impact Assessment – RIA) which implies the implementation of appropriate and timely coordinated public consultation, the only national electronic registry of regulations by submitting suggestions, opinions and observations can promptly engage stakeholders in creating regulations. Thus achieves greater predictability to the same transparency and of course the whole process.
According to the Rules of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the methodology for assessing the impact of regulation, the Ministries are obliged to publish the proposals for the adoption of law, drafts and proposals of laws, except the laws being adopted by urgent procedure , in the only national electronic register (ENER) and make them available for Public comments, 10 days after the publication date .
On the ENER web page any interested party may submit opinions, comments and suggestions on the published law proposals decisions, on law drafts and proposals of laws.
The competent Ministry prepares a report on the opinions obtained which lists the reasons why the remarks and proposals are not accepted and publishes it on the ENER website.

Proposals for passing a law, drafts and proposals of laws and reports under paragraph (5) of Article 71 remain posted on the website of the competent ministry and the ENER web site, one year after the law’s entry into force.

Users of the only national electronic registry of regulations – ENER are divided into four groups:
• Administrator – representative / representatives from government
• Government users – representatives of ministries
• Public users (individuals)
• No – government users – representatives of NGOs,commerce or business associations, company-legal entity

The ENER web page incorporates the following modules:
Log in /Frontend

Public users:
• TOP 5 commneted regulations
• TOP 10 proposed regulations
• Counter
• Frontend menu:
- Regulations in the public section
- Review of regulations in the public part
- Overview of documents in the public regulation section
- Review of recommendations of regulation in public Part
- Overview of comments on regulation in the public part
- Proposed regulations in public Part
- News in public Part
- Contact form in a public part
- Guidelines for Public Section
• Search
• Registration request

Government users:
• Regulations
- List of regulations
- Sorting the list of regulations
- Entering a new regulation
- Change of regulation
- Adding comments to regulation
- Notification of regulations
- Introduction and overview of links from official gazette
- Importing documents of regulation
- Review of documents on the regulation
- Introduction and summary of recommendations of users
- Status of regulations
• Search
• Formalities
• Change the password and forgotten password.

01 November, 2012

Challenge To become citizens information tool as well as useful information platform for the representatives from nongovernmental organizations, chambers of…

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