MY FRUTTI GANG CONTEST – Creating emotional brand connections

Creating an emotional connection with Facebook fans is of great importance when it comes to turning them in brand advocates. Our Facebook app did just that.

Facebook can serve as a perfect place for the creation of brand advocates.

Brand: Frutti Jaffa Soft Cake
Industry: FMCG-biscuits
Fans before the start of the campaign: 36.648
Timeline: Three weeks

Primary target group:

  • Young people at the age of 16-30
  • People with rich cultural and social life


How to capture the attention of the young crowds inhabiting Facebook and gather them in a place where they can share and win prizes?

Main idea

The main idea behind the contest was giving young people`s favorite pastime an official name. Since everyone has some favorite hobby, why not connect people with the same interest and create an online gathering spot where they can have fun and win great prizes.


  • Create an emotional connection with the brand
  • Fans acquisition
  • Create brand advocates


The application that we have created reflects the character of every specific gang.
We`ve created 4 virtual Frutti gangs for the fans to choose from:

  • Frutti Love gang
  • Frutti Coffee gang
  • Frutti Shopping gang and
  • Frutti Sports gang

Anyone can create his own gang choosing from the four above and invite 6 of his friends (by tagging them) to join in. Once the game is creating the voting time is on. One can vote for his own gang, his friend`s gang or any random gang. The winner gang is the gang that gathers the most points. All members of that gang were given incentives.

frutti gang screenshot MY FRUTTI GANG CONTEST   Creating emotional brand connections

Resources used:

  • Facebook application – My Frutti gang
  • Facebook ad campaign
  • High-quality content and updates (posts)

“My Frutti gang” through numbers:

  • 75.760.578 Facebook ad impressions
  • 685.170 saw content for the contest
  • 15.700 Facebook users talking about this
  • 25.648 acquired fans
  • 9.100 participants in the contest
  • 1.300 gangs were created during the contest
  • No. 1 in Macedonia for daily and weekly fan page growth during the campaign(source

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30 July, 2013

Facebook can serve as a perfect place for the creation of brand advocates. Brand: Frutti Jaffa Soft Cake Industry: FMCG-biscuits…

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