IBank (Pay Per Click Marketing Solution)

To attract quality leads and to lower their PPC cost while maintaining the same amount of qualified leads.

This PPC Management project was realized together with iBank team (person from our team with a person from their team), in their offices. The first challenge was to attract quality leads that are “hot” in the finance niche. That means small businesses that need any kind of loan, equipment leasing or mortgages.
The second challenge which was our main focus was to lower their PPC cost while maintaining the same amount of qualified leads. This basically means that the quality score of their Google campaigns should be even better. That is a very challenging job when you have to cut the cost per click prices.

Services Offered
The first thing that we do was to increase the conversion with the same budget. We also needed to lower the bounce rate (60% at the moment).
We change all URL’s of the landing pages to point directly to the sigh up form.

The result was 30 % more leads than usual, and lowering the bounce rate to average 50%.
We were following the daily movement of the whole market, we analyze the keywords and the leads that we are getting from specific keywords, and then we checked the sales of those leads. Keywords that were getting us the
best-selling leads were increased proportionally. This may sound like we are not lowering the cost but long term results were:

• Increased quality score of the keyword.
• Better leads, which means better sales.
• Increasing the CTR (control through rate of clicks) which long term gives us better position for lower price

Keywords that were not producing good results were lowered so they can be around 7-8 position in case that market start moving up. With these step we cut roughly 20% of the whole budget (some months even more then
$70 000).

Of course we find and tested very specific keywords that were producing conversions and were low cost. We created and tested new ad copies, fine tune the current ones and increased the CTR with ads that were more
promising and straight to the point of the landing pages. Again, increasing CTR means better quality score, which means more ads served by Google, more visitors and leads.

For attracting more visitors we also start using Google content network. Content network are sites that are using Google AdSense program and serve ads by certain percentage for the sites owners. This is very skeptical model for many companies (quality traffic issues) but if Google AdSense pays 7 billion to the site owners annually it’s worth at least testing it for your own purposes. Because we needed more attention we started testing with small daily budget of $200. The results were 25 % conversions (average was 20% for all other Google campaigns) and average CPC (cost per click) was $1.8 vs $2.1 for all other campaigns.


01 November, 2012

Goal To attract quality leads and to lower their PPC cost while maintaining the same amount of qualified leads. Challenge…

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