Facebook can be effective marketing tool for rising awareness and stimulating interest for a company’s products.

Brand: Elixir Exclusive
Industry: Retail, Health/Beauty products
Fans before the start of the campaign: 29.772
Timeline: Five days

Primary target group:

  • Girls/women
  • 17 – 40 years old


Elixir Exclusive had a goal to promote the newest perfumes in their stores, and at the same time drive sales.

Main idea

Our team came with the idea to create a fun experience for the Facebook audience that will not only create awareness for the products but will also encourage actual demand for the products. We launch a personality quiz where the fans could discover the type of perfumes that match their personality. Together with the results, we suggested the newest perfumes that have that notes that suit them best.


  • Facebook fan acquisition
  • Promoting newest perfumes
  • Drive sales


We launched two quizzes for two target groups: girls and boys. In consultation with our client, we decided to reward the first 20 fans from each group that brought the largest number of their friends as new fans to play the quiz. Also in order to drive traffic to the store, and thus increase sales, we decided to give every participant in the personality quiz 15% discount on all products.
This way, we created a fun experience for the Facebook audience that not only increased engagement and awareness of the brand but also acted as a catalyst to encourage actual demand for the products that were promoted with the contest.

Resources used:

  • Facebook application – Personality Quiz
  • High-quality content and updates (posts)
  • Facebook ads campaign

How the app works

The application has the following steps:

1) Like gate – Visitor has to be fan to access content
2) Welcome page – Directions and guides about the quiz contest
3) Entering personal info
4) Answering quiz questions
5) Results page – type of perfumes that match the users’ personalities
5) Inviting Facebook friends – fan gets points with every Facebook friend that is involved in the personality quiz friend that is involved in this quiz.

tumblr mxc8aoWUI81sk4l5oo1 1280 Discover Your Ideal Perfume   Promotion of new products

This is the design for our Welcome page. Showcasing directions and rewards for the users of the application.

“Discover Your Ideal Perfume” through numbers:

  • 3,654,670  people saw some type of content  about Elixir Exclusive
  • 6,700  people Talking about this,
  • 9,873  acquired fans,
  • 6,116  participants in the quiz contest.
  • Constantly present in the top 5 brands in Macedonia for daily and weekly fan page growth during the campaign (source: socialnumbers.com)

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05 December, 2013

Facebook can be effective marketing tool for rising awareness and stimulating interest for a company’s products. Brand: Elixir Exclusive Industry: Retail,…

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